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What's new for students in Sparkjar 5.0

New features to help students stay organised and on top of their class and homework.

Catherine Jessey

Catherine Jessey

Catherine is a Science Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, and Sparkjar Teacher Champion.

Welcome back for the new school year! We’ve made some changes to Sparkjar that we're really excited for you to start using. Here are the main differences you’ll see once you’re back in class.


To-do list


Your homework to-do list can be found above your classes

At the top of your screen you’ll see a stack of ‘trays’. Tapping on this will show you your ‘To-do list’, which brings all of your homework tasks together in one place. The number on the icon shows you how many tasks you have left to complete, so if there’s no number, you’ve completed all of your homework!

Here's the to-do list when it's empty of homework tasks


Assignments have split into classwork and homework

Classwork and homework tasks are now separate, so when your teachers set you tasks it’ll be much clearer which ones they’d like you to work on in class and which are for you to complete after lessons have finished.


Assignments have been replaced by separate Classwork and Homework sections

The to-do list is just for homework, so classwork tasks won’t appear in it. To see if you have any classwork tasks for a lesson just open that class in Sparkjar and look for a number next to Classwork in the list.


You can see how many active classwork tasks you've got by going into the menu for each class.

Classwork and homework tasks can be active or completed. Both homework and classwork tasks will automatically move from your active to your completed list when you hand them in. If you miss the deadline for a task and don't hand it in, the task will eventually move to the completed section. After this you won't be able to hand in the missing work but your teacher can always make the task active again to allow you to catch up.


Keeping topics organised


Topics are still where you'll find the resources for your lessons. They're organised to be active or completed just like classwork and homework. This is much better than before, as if your teacher wants to tidy up the topics area they can just move any finished topics to completed, rather than having to hide them from you or delete them completely. This means you’ll still be able to view them whenever you need to, and we hope this will be really useful to you when you're revising.


In Topics you’ll also be able to view and open any classwork and homework tasks that are linked to each topic.


Finally, don't forget that in each topic you have your own personal area to add resources for yourself. This means you can keep your work organised and it's easy to find your notes when it's time to revise.


We hope you find that these changes make Sparkjar even more useful to you this year. We're always working to develop and improve the app, so if you have questions or feedback please let us know via email on support@sparkjarapp.comor Tweet us @sparkjarapp


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