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Safeguarding school digital spaces

The Safeguarding Company joins us to discuss digital safeguarding responsibilities in schools and what steps can be taken to protect staff and children.

Jo Hopper

Jo Hopper

Jo is Sparkjar's Head of Partnerships. She has worked in a professional capacity with schools for over 10 years and also spent 5 years as a governor at her local secondary school.

Catherine Jessey, Apple Distinguished Educator and Science Teacher, hosts Vikkey Chaffe from The Safeguarding Company and James Carroll from Sparkjar to discuss how schools should approach safeguarding in the digital spaces they provide for their students.

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The Safeguarding Company, better known to some of you as MyConcern, work with schools to provide a holistic approach to  safeguarding, from technology to training. Vikkey is their Head of Community Relations and is also a former SLT member and safeguarding lead.

Sparkjar is The Realtime Teaching Platform for one-to-one device schools using iPads. They provide a simple, safe, and school-wide digital space for teaching and learning. James is the CEO and founder of Sparkjar, and is an expert on technology, particularly EdTech.

In this interview they cover questions such as

  • Can you draw parallels between safeguarding in physical environments and safeguarding in digital environments?
  • How does a digital education space perimeter compare and differ from a physical education space perimeter?
  • How do we ensure visibility in digital education spaces?
  • What should technology developers and providers be doing to support schools in safeguarding processes?
  • What kind of digital interactions and communications between teachers and students (and peer to peer) should be recorded?
  • How can software developers help mitigate the risk of digital interactions?
  • Does device choice or deployment impact safeguarding?
  • What questions should schools be asking themselves and providers about safeguarding in digital education spaces?
  • What are the safeguarding implications of a school data breach?
  • What questions should schools ask their software providers to ensure data is suitably protected?
  • Is compliance with UK GDPR good enough or should EdTech providers be going further?

Do watch the video for answers to all these questions.

If you would like to discuss safeguarding across your school contact The Safeguarding Company.

If you would like to know how Sparkjar ensures gold standard safeguarding within its platform please contact us.

Thanks for watching!

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