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Our top 5 EdTech podcasts

Here are our 'Top 5 EdTech Podcasts' for forward-thinking teachers.

EdTech Podcast
Jo Hopper

Jo Hopper

Jo is Sparkjar's Head of Partnerships. She has worked in a professional capacity with schools for over 10 years and also spent 5 years as a governor at her local secondary school.

A great way to stay up to date with the latest news in the EdTech space is to listen to podcasts.

Technology moves so quickly that it’s imperative everyone in the school ecosystem takes responsibility for how technology is used, and one of the best ways that teachers can do this is to keep their ear to the ground and share any good practice that you come across with your school’s digital lead.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few education podcasts out there, so we’ve shortlisted our top 5 to get you started.

1) House of #EdTech

An excellent and wide ranging look at technology in education hosted by Christopher Nesi. Topics include social media, connected learning, and how to integrate tech into the classroom. You’re sure to walk away from these podcasts with practical insights into EdTech.

2) The EdTech Podcast

Sophie Bailey ensures there is something for everyone in her podcast series; early years to higher education, AI to blockchain, time saving teacher tips, to how to be a better leader. The proof of this podcast's appeal is in its broad reach, with listeners from 109 countries!

3) Moving at the Speed of Creativity

This EdTech podcast takes a slightly different angle with a focus on digital literacy. Hosted by Wesley A. Fryer, topics range from the struggles that can arise with EdTech, to digital storytelling, digital citizenship, and online security.

4) TED Talks Education

This podcast pulls together all the great talks focused on education. Each talk features an expert in their field with an “idea worth sharing” and none are longer than 18 minutes. The various subjects are tackled with the use of personal stories alongside grand visions for the future of education.

5) EduFuturists

This UK-based podcast really does have something for everyone. The format splits into 3 shows; EduFuturists features cutting edge educators, The Vault spotlights a different EdTech tool in each episode, and In the Studio covers insightful interviews with inspiring educators.

So next commute or quiet tea break, get listening and become a key cog in your school's digital vision.


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