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What's new in the Sparkjar platform - see our latest innovative features for schools.

The drive behind the team at Sparkjar is to constantly be exploring how the latest technology can improve teacher well-being and student outcomes in schools and MATs across the UK.

We do this by understanding what teachers do today and mapping where technology can save time, reduce repetition, and harness data insights. Scroll down to see the latest platform additions using next generation tech solutions.

Coming soon...

We joined the Sparkjar Development Team earlier this week to check in on the progress of (working title) 'Over-the-shoulder'. This brilliant new feature, launching next month to all Sparkjar schools, gives classroom teachers the ability to view every student's worksheet live. They can review and feedback on individual work with live mark-up options. This powerful new feature will provide teachers with realtime clarity on progress and help spot and support catch-up needs. 

An early sneak peek


We'd also love to hear what you think we should call this new feature - let us know on social @sparkjarapp

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Now Live!

Realtime Leadership Dashboard

The Leadership Dashboard in Sparkjar gives school and trust leaders live data across the organisations core activity - Teaching and Learning. On top of our powerful features for Heads of Department, this truly sets Sparkjar apart from other learning platforms.

Our schools spend hundreds of hours each using Sparkjar as their main teaching and learning environment every day. This results in a huge amount of evidential data about the day to day teaching and learning activities within our schools. Because of the unique way we securely organise and store your data, we are able to share highly pertinent and actionable information with school leadership, in realtime. Enter the new Sparkjar Leadership Dashboard!

In a simple, clean interface school leaders using Sparkjar can see live information about how many teachers and students are using the platform at any given time, how many resources have been shared, how many classwork and homework assignments have been set, and how many pieces of marking and feedback have been issued. This data can be broken down by year groups or subject groups, and can be filtered by a variety of time periods.

As well as giving school and trust leadership unprecedented access to live data on teaching and learning activity, the dashboard also provides valuable evidence for school plans, evaluations, and inspections.